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[CLOSED - Thank You!] Hard Surface Character Artist

April Schmidt
polycounter lvl 7
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April Schmidt polycounter lvl 7
Small, startup VR studio looking to hire a freelance, 3D artist to create and finalize a character for real-time end-use. Concept and reference exists, although full ortho does not. You would be working from an early-stage, WIP sculpt that we would provide. Character is stylized and is hard surface + rock based (no soft, organic sculpting). We can provide contextual renders and PSDs of existing 3D game characters for ease.

Email [email protected] if interested. Include your name + Polycount Posting - Hard Surface Character Artist in subject. Please include link to portfolio.


  • April Schmidt
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    April Schmidt polycounter lvl 7
    Thanks, everyone, for your emails and applications! We have received a lot of responses and will be contacting anyone whom we feel may be a good fit for the gig via email. To anyone that doesn't get a response, thank you for your time and consideration. 
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