Kangol Kid (Bboy character/ hip hop character)

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Hi all. I'm sculpting this personal 3D character model in ZBrush, as my first fully modeled, textured, posed, rendered original character. I have done a few complete models in ZBruhs but most were for 3D print, and not textured, only modeled. I thought it would be good to document this and get feedback. Sometimes i get lost into details and not sure if I should keep it simple. then again wish to push my skills. This character is intended to be semi-realistic, yet still stylized, cartoon sh or Overwatch look But, not even that stylized, a bit of thine. I will post the current state of the model and some past versions. 


  • BrianLife

    Starting on the beard Hair details. I could have just mad ea shapes, stylized mesh, beard shape. but i feel I want to actually make stylized hairs. its time consuming but I feel its better to put the work in. Even the eyebrows, could have just been a thick shape, more cartoony/ but i actually spent hours placing each hair, some copies, and moving each one, bend, basically pushing them into position, tried while the curve was active but still learning this hairbrush, techniques. IMM brushes, vs curve brushes, with a tapered end. This individual hairs way ( some clumps copied but most have to be tweaked as different poly groups, move topolo brush) takes time but, i feel this may be a better way. Again, I could have just used an eyebrow shape, simplified but that would be easy..lol..and i guess I go the extra mile. Hard for me to be simple or stylized. and not go into the realistic functional way..

  • BrianLife
    here's the full body. The sneakers are from a different model but may keep them. I created a windbreaker jacket in MD but have to pose him first before i go back into MD and work on that. I may make his arms crossed. 

    Below are some Early sculpts. first if his original head. then i may have gone more realistic, and tried to go back to sorta young/adult. kid, not so real..hard balance. 


    Above is the first head sculpt. Below are old below 3B, started to get to real, and older, or human. I still want it to look fancy or idealized. lack of better words. 

    Above (red & green) don't like. ...And  again, below is the current. version. 

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