Diablo The Lord of Terror

Hey Everyone, I just finished up this project of Diablo and wanted to share it with you guys! 

In total this project took 20 hours but was spread out over the past month since I recently got married and of course have a day job. I have included a pretty in depth walkthrough of everything including multiple lighting Scenario's all in PBR realtime lighting, Animations, Marmoset Viewers of multiple views etc.

Check it out on my Artstation! 


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    A lot of times, models fall into the "quality workmanship" status and generally go ignored on this forum. The work is technically good, no flaws, from someone of professional talent. It doesn't quite make you go "OH MY GAWD" so people don't post and support the artist's efforts. I appreciate you sharing, and wanted to say it's quality work that I enjoyed viewing. I hope to see more from you when you post.
  • Bobobiscuits
    Thanks Peter! I really appreciate the compliment and the insight! 
  • almighty_gir
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    I'll be honest, if it wasn't for @PeterK comment, i probably wouldn't have even clicked the artstation link, i would have just moved on. I'm not a fan of posting a teaser image on a forum and going "more over here pls". That's not what forums are for, that's what twitter or facebook are for.

    That said, because of Peter making me go look at your work, i now feel like i have to actually be critical. So i'm going to go against what he says, and say there are flaws, some serious ones in fact. And almost all of them boil down to laziness. I'll even do part of your job for you and post the breakdown shot. Largely because it will help me crit effectively.

    1. Wireframes:
    You want your topology to be as evenly distributed as possible, with higher density going into areas of higher detail. You've done the opposite, and thrown what looks like the polygon count for the entire remainder of the character into the spines. You could easily quarter the polygon count of the spines and not see any visual difference. Similarly, you have some weird areas of density going on in the palms of the hands, why so many polygons for something that doesn't carry any extra detail, or even deform that heavily?

    2. Base Color:
    At first glance it doesn't look too bad, but a closer look tells me that you've basically used two flat colours and then thrown a smart mask over the top to get some detailing on the scales/chitin. You've also baked your AO directly into the base color, which shows that you don't understand how PBR works, and that you're looking for a quick messy finish, rather than putting in the work with a real colour palette. Where are the orange highlights, the blues in the scales/chitin? This just looks... boring.

    3. Reflectivity:
    You literally took your AO map, multiplied it down, and called it done. This shows that you don't understand how material composition works, and that you'd rather not take the time to try.

    4. Glossiness/Roughness:
    Flat colour for the entire piece, except for the spines, which just have a smart mask thrown on them. Dude the roughness map is where you get to have your fun in this wonderful world of PBR.

    5. Final presentation:
    As i mentioned earlier, a teaser image with a "click for more" link is just begging for you to be ignored. But outside of that, the composition of the image isn't even that great. About 40% of the image is taken up with "dead space". Why not have some embers or something floating in the background? Take advantage of Toolbag's excellent DOF camera stuff. There is very little contrast in the image, and Diablo just kinda blends into the background... Why not add a rim-light and really highlight the outline? His eyes/mouth are emitting light... Reflect this with actual lights, etc.

    All in all, i think Peter is wrong. This isn't a technically good piece, it's mediocre, and it shows more than anything that you have a lack of technical understanding of PBR, and even basic topology rules.

    I hope you continue posting, i hope you learn and become great. But more than anything right now? I hope that you stop being lazy, and taking shortcuts. If you want to be recognized as a great artist, make great art, and take the time to make it great. So i urge you to go back and take another look at the textures and presentation.
  • PeterK
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    @almighty_gir Brilliant breakdown, thank you my man; I think he can benefit a lot from what you've written. 
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