[Paid] Lf Artist to create AAA Animals ( Model/Texture/Rig/Animation )

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we're looking for Freelance Artists/Outsource Studios that are capable of creating multiple Animals to be used in Unreal Engine.

The Required Quality we're looking for is Realistic/AAA.

Preferably the Artist wouldn't just Model and Texture the Animal but also create the Rig and the Animations ( Walk, Idle, Jump, Die - we will need a few Variations considering that the animals will not appear solo in some cases )

Bonus Points if you could work with Nvidia Hair Works or have other ways to create realistic/optimized in game fur.

Here are some references of the first Models we would require.

If interested please message me at -  [email protected]  - with a general estimation and a Portfolio preferably containing similiar Projects.

(Sidenote - Our Timezone is currently UTC+2 )



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