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3D Printing Artist / Designer required - PAID

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goaty_rn null
I am looking for an experienced Designer / Artist to produce a series of 3D printable robot figures.
The brief would be as follows;

A design which is relatively easy to print but with enough detail to be attractive. 

Be able to be printed in individual parts which can be spread out on the build plate (different colours for the parts if required unpainted or polished)

No support or as minimal as possible printed in ABS or PETG or possibly PLA+.

Japanese inspired (think Pacific Rim) and or Mech type.

Ideally using a central core and have different arms, legs, head for the other models with standard ball joint, pin sizes (all the same size ball joints or pins and sockets across the range).

Able to be printed in several sizes such as (standing) 12cm, 19cm and 30cm

Please contact me to discuss further.

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