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2018 Fall Registration is open at CGMA! We are continuously expanding our curriculum, exceeding 90 industry-relevant courses mentored by over 100 renowned studio professionals. All courses are very accessible, reaching over 75 countries. This term, we have further enhanced our Storytelling Electives Track by adding 3 new courses to the program. Beyond the foundational elements you must learn for any discipline, it’s important to challenge yourself and hone the specific skills needed for your specific interests.

We’re here to help artists connect with industry professionals and offer arts education that allows you to improve your portfolio without spending hundreds of thousands of dollars. Learn the techniques recruiters are looking for through our one-on-one mentored curriculum and valuable feedback today. Also, for the very first time, students are now able to take advantage of 1 YEAR EXTENDED ACCESS to content. Bear in mind this new feature is not available retroactively.

What follows are the courses and programs available for Fall registration. Contact with our Admissions department to discuss registration or portfolio review requests – either via email at [email protected] or by phone 1 (800) 959 – 0316.




Character Texturing for Games in Substance with Allen Lee

This class will cover the foundation and core values on how to approach texturing. Students will learn the entire process starting from good practices on how to UV a mesh, baking textures. Students will set up a scene in Substance Painter, texture a prop (all required mesh/model provided). Students will also learn how to texture a head bust (all required mesh provided) from start to a finished final presentation image.


Storytelling and Storyboarding Mentorship with Mark Walton


This class is for those students who prefer live, long format, interactive group lectures and critiques, with plenty of hands-on, personal attention from a mentor. The main goal of this class is to help students create, from scratch, a storyboard sequence of professional quality, worthy of inclusion in a portfolio. Along the way, students will cover the best ways to come up with ideas, how humor works, creating interesting and dynamic characters, creating the best possible situations for those characters, staging, composition, story-boarding to music, and how to troubleshoot problems with the drawings, dialogue, and ideas. (Note: Introductory course price, subject to change)


Foundations in Modern 2D Animation with Brent Noll

Put down your pegbars and pencils, because this class is about learning animation the modern way. Students will dive head first into a series of projects specially designed to get you animating fast. Starting with the foundation, we will get an introduction to Adobe Animate CC and learn about the principles of motion. Students will practice being an animation clean up artist, design their own animation friendly characters, and build a walk cycle. This class will introduce students to basic 2D rigs (IE: Symbols), and students will learn to combine these new tools with traditional animation techniques. The curriculum will also include going over the process for finishing animation, including inking, coloring and even lighting. In the final project, students will animate their own short loop. (Note: Introductory course price, subject to change)


2D Animation Essentials with Xavier Ramonede


From the basic principles to the importance of the emotions, this course will teach you how to understand everything important in animation and how to use it to make efficient 2d animations. (Note: Introductory course price, subject to change)


Story Development for Artists: From Idea to Reality with Joshua Pruett

Everyone has IDEAS; now learn how to take that idea/sketch/napkin drawing and build it into a STORY with relatable characters, solid structure, and themes using timeless, but simple techniques inspired by everything from ancient myths to contemporary film, books, comics and animation. Students will develop their own ideas, characters and stories using written premises, outlines, treatments, fictional biographies and character histories, becoming the absolute authorities on their invented worlds – with an eye toward preparing each student’s creative development work for real-life application in their media of choice; film, TV, animation, comics, etc.


Themed Environment Design with Luc Steadman

Build a portfolio displaying a deeper understanding of environment design by creating an immersive story driven experience with responsibility to real-world spatial restraints. In this course, students will refine their use of design fundamentals and gain an understanding of master planning, guest experience, iconic attractors, architectural scale and spatial responsibility. Students will tell their stories through the use of character, prop, vehicle, and architectural design. This class is a rare opportunity for designers who want to learn to translate their imagination to reality through this unique design process.


 3D Character Arts Program


3D Environment Arts Program

3D & FX Electives

Character TD | Rigging Program

Houdini | FX Program

Compositing | Lighting Track

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