1460 Days - underwater habitat [UE4]

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Hi Polycount,

I'm working on a new project called "1460 Days" it is still the working title but I like it already. Anyway here is my backgroundstory so far:

"Something bad has happened on the earth. You as a scientist must find out what happened and how to reveal it. Together with an extraterrestrial matter you were enclosed in an undersea habitat. You are connected by the outside world only by a radio communication system, however, since a good year you have heared nothing from the surface. Nevertheless, you still try to find a reversal of the events."

The Design is based on retro scifi elements settled in the 60's, like the fallout fanchise but way more plastic D

I Try to make most of my assets modular to be more flexible in UE4. Also it is a good opportunity for me to work more with normal weighted meshes and tileable textures.

Comments and critiques are welcome 


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