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[PAID] Character Animation/Rigging (Urgent)

*(Requires Students that are still studying, or graduated after July 2016)

Introduction & Background:

Darkroom Interactive is an independent development team based in Dundee. We’re a small team, competing in the Tranzfuser 2018 accelerator competition, with the aspiration to gain further development support at the conclusion of the competition. As we're competing in a competition, we’re developing with an accelerated approach to our development, with our first milestone being a pre-alpha showcase of the game at the EGX 2018 expo in Birmingham this September. With this in mind, we require an accelerated delivery of the assets outlined in this brief, with additional stretch goals available opening up potential to earn more revenue. In short, the quicker deliverables can be provided, the more work and revenue is available.

Jobs available:

We’re seeking to outsource two rigged and animated assets:

  • First person hands and weapon animations (aim, reload, fire etc..
  • Bipedal Monster Character with full walk cycles and attack animations.
These assets are both individually available, which you’re welcome to request a single asset or both. Time is the biggest challenging factor in our development, hence we need to stress that quick deliverables are big priority.

Guidelines & Requirements:
You have to either be a student that is still studying, or graduated after July 2016 (competition rules)
Experience in rigging and animation for games
Past work/portfolio to show you're capabilities
Availability to work ASAP

Experience working with the animation pipeline with Unreal Engine
Experience with Maya (delivering with Maya files)
Based in the UK/Europe

Project Summary: Snap Hunt
Snap Hunt is a tension filled, stylistic throwback to 70s horror and conspiracy thrillers. Set in a national park inhabited by a mysterious and formidable creature, you will set off carrying only your trusty Camera and a few rolls of 35mm film, ready to expose its secrets.
With fast paced, asymmetrical (4 vs 1) online game-play, Snap Hunt is the ultimate game of hide and seek. Play as either the dark and powerful monster or a Camera-wielding conspirator.

Targeting PC and Console platforms, Snap Hunt's first playable demo premiers at EGX 2018. 
Game engine: Unreal Engine 4.19

Interested? please get in touch via email at:
[email protected]

If you can, include any past work/portfolio, in addition to your availability. 
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