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Noise functions with exposed parameters (download)

grand marshal polycounter
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Obscura grand marshal polycounter
I've been working with the "noise" node many times in Unreal because its very useful for quick iteration or high quality output without flipbooks and whatnot, however there was always a big limit for me, which is the not exposed parameters, so I decided to make some material functions encapsuling hlsl custom nodes, which allows you to control the parameters via material instances, and dynamic parameters. I included all the computational noises,plus the texture based simplex one. They are broken down into a per function base, because an all in one would result in 4k instructions... This way you can have them fairly cheap, and customizable with levels and other stuff exposed. I did not include "turbulence" parameter because that can be done be taking the absolute value of the result and originally it was in the main loop so I saved me some instructions.

Download link here:

Material functions preview compared to the original noise node with its inputs:

Voronoi is separated into qualities because of optimization reasons...
You can do "turbulence" like this:

Have fun, thanks for your support :)


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