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Aerth null

I work as a freelancer using UE4 primarily for previs and cinematics. I'd like to share a recent commision (my first 'solo' project, so to speak).
I've learned a huge amount about UE4 and the broader production pipeline over the course the project and I'm looking forward to putting this into practice in the next one.

The label itself is really interesting, they push experimental electronic music that draws upon game worlds- check out the amazing map of all their projects here quantumnatives.com

I'd really appreciate any thoughts or feedback.


  • Finnn
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    Finnn polycounter lvl 2
    That's interesting use of the UE4.
    I also do like the video you made.
    Some suggestion: You are completely free from the restrictions you have with a real camera, use it!
    Full freedom of camera angle, speed etc. You can play with the extremes and really experiment. I also think this would fit the music you make this for. 
    I am thinking very crazy turns (like a backwards roll for example), very fast movements, maybe changing the fov while filming 

    Looking forward to other music videos. 

  • Aerth
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    Aerth null
    Thanks, that's really useful feedback. I agree this was formally quite conservative, I think I have that tendancy anyway and i have to conciously try to counter it, also I think I tried to keep things 'manageable' by constraining to some kind of realism with the camera. As I go on I hope to push things in this respect. First and foremost I wanted to make an atmospheric environment, and I think this was always going to be a challange to make it work with this kind of music. The video and the sound pull in opposite directions in some sense.

    thanks again!
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