Thoughts On Game Animation Reel?

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Hello all! I am new to the forum and was wanting to get some thoughts on my animation reel! Critique? Display? Anything I should add? Anything I should take away or change?
Any thoughts are appreciated! :)


  • Hito
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    Hito interpolator
    sweet animations! I'd do less repetitions of the same clip, or put multiple angles in the same shot, and get a shorter overall length, down to ~60sec max.
  • WeatherMan
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    WeatherMan polycounter lvl 2
    Agreed with Hito. If the viewer wants to watch a clip twice, it's trivial to rewind and view again.

    Your four-armed dude is lacking a lot of weight, especially on his attacks. Simply lerping from one pose to the next betrays how light he feels; you need to add in some overlap and settle to his movements;  I know it's a type of style you're probably going for, but I don't think it's working unfortunately. Also, having four arms, there's lots of creative freedom for how he could use all of those arms to his advantage. Think General Grievous from The Clone Wars. Right now he sorta just switches which hands are holding the axe without much forethought. Maybe he could trick his enemies and do some sort of fancy twirls before attacking, cuz what kind of big lumbering dude with an axe and four arms would do that? Make him more unique, fun, unexpected.

    Your dog run cycle is quite good. Your end shot is also pretty good, but you should consider having a more exciting camera instead of a static one. I would open with that one, followed by the dog, followed by 4-arms walk cycle, and then the rest. Keep the viewer interested. Most people don't watch reels past the first 30 seconds or so. Tighten everything up and it's still pretty solid.
  • _adamturnbull
    Hey, not a bad reel! I'd probably take out the special attack until you've worked on the transitions between the hits as like @WeatherMan said he seems to just blend between each pose in an unappealing way.

    The walk looks a little strange as the only weight shift that is happening is on his hips and is barely affecting the rest of his body. Maybe translate his upper torso downwards a couple of frames after his hips drop to show his upper body is being affected too.

    Definitely shorten some shots down. Currently the walk is 20 seconds long and could easily be cut down to around 5 or 6 seconds.
  • PeterK
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    PeterK polycounter lvl 13
    The steps on the walk seems a bit overly impactful, doesn't convey weight so much as sudden jitter/jump. I like the attack, but as Adam said, I'd remove the special ability one (it jumps around too much, with no reference, and doesn't show much animation).

    Nice work overall, I'm sure you'll be making amazing stuff for a long time to come!
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