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VR Mesh Socket Snapping Blueprint

Hey fellow Polycounters!

I am trying to create a snapping mechanic in VR, utilizing sockets placed on various meshes.
Getting the meshes to snap to a position isn't that big of a deal and works well, but getting the socket positions is were I struggle a lot.

To set it up I created Blueprints for each Part (Since its in VR and each Part should be grabbable and snap upon release if a socket is near enough)
containing the mesh with the placed sockets and the Event Graph of the Pickup Cube from the starter content.
To get things working I set up the Blueprint to Print the name of the nearest socket as well as a list of all found Actors with Sockets (I tagged them).
But I can't get the Blueprint to find all Actors with the Tag "HasSockets" in the scene. I know it only refers to the BP itself, but how can I get all actors of the whole scene?
Or is there a better way to approach this problem?

Thanks in advance,


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