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FGproject - personal project wip thread

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AdamSimons polycounter lvl 5

I am working on a fake game/fanart project.
A fighting game in classic capcom style featuring characters from my favourite movies.
The current title is FGproject.

I want to produce enough art for this project that I can release an design works type artbook/zine at some point in the future.

and make a 2d animated intro like alpha or third strike.

Its both dumb and ambitious (and I have more planed, SD versions, apparel, garage kits etc) but its passed time for me to try something like this and I'm excited to make something exciting.

Here is the first character - Ethan Punch

And some more that I am working on (need to think of more puns!)

"Pay tribute to your gods that they might grant you power"     - NotJohn Milius 


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