Freelance Low Poly Character Artist - 10+ years industry experience

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Davision3D interpolator
Hey, I'm David Hagemann from Germany (English is no problem). I did a lot of offsite work for overseas companies over my 10+ years freelance experience.

This includes Disney, Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network franchises, mobile games, web 3D games, console games and PC games. Through this I'm skilled in all kinds of styles as well as limitations of the platforms. My focus is on character modeling and texturing. Lots of low poly but I'm also very much skilled in high poly stuff (sculpting and hard surface). I have a lot of experience with animation as well.

I can work from concept art, develop the art style from scratch as well as do assets without any concept fitting in an existing art direction.

Portfolio website is now up on ArtStation:

Contact: David[at]vitamin3d[dot].com or Skype: davision85


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