3D modelling a Video Game Character - Body under clothes or no?

Hey guys! I hope I'm posting in the right sub-forum. I have a quick question about clothing for video game characters. Let's say I first make a base mesh for the character (their body). How would I clothe them in order for it to be not too complicated during the rigging process? 

I've seen several tutorials where they take where, let's say, the shirt would be, and duplicates the faces there. They then proceed to make it a bit bigger to show volume, and simplify/edit the mesh to look like a shirt. Would it be better for the poly count (and the rigging process) to delete the body underneath? Or have the whole body still there and the clothes act like a covering, as they do in real life? (On the first male model I did, I left the body underneath and had annoying problems with the body "popping" out from underneath the clothes due to skin weights in Maya being difficult)

Do you guys know how they do it for Final Fantasy characters or even Overwatch characters? I would love to have one of their 3D character models but they either aren't compatible with Maya or expensive or you can't get them anyways.

Thanks so much!


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