Answered: How do you differ tiles on textures?


as a newbie I have a question for you.
Of course when I create tilebile textures it repeats and repeats.
Anyway, I always try to conceal this with other objects, e.g. a tree on a meadow.
But after all it often doesn't look good.

Now Quixel publishs the Quixel Mixer and I have seen this impressive video on youtube
in which they create a street quite easily and fast with an impressive result.

But now I ask myself, how can you use that when you create a street like that, but
more like this little part but a full road? I can't imagine what my VRAM says
when I try to make different textures for each road part all with high resolution textures.
Okay, I know what it will say (CUDA has run out of memory) but how would you
make this?

I hope you can help me with this special question.
Best Regards,


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