NM baking issue

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Hey Community :D,

Its my first time in a forum and I hope I don't break any rules by just opening a new topic. If so please let me know for the future.
In a nutshell:

I am quite new to the 3D modeling world but I keep learning. For a group project (a game) I have to make some models. I made them partly in Blender and partly in 3DS Max which caused some problems during the making but I guess I fixed those issues. 

I've made a Low and a high poly of my models (here: banana canon :D) to bake a normal map. I put them on top of each other and retopologized the low P.

I saw an older post about how to export and import from Max to SP here in the forum so i exportet an triangulated fox file, with smoothing groups checked (all on 1) and Bi-normals unchecked for the Lowpoly.

Below you can see my import settings for the Lowpoly within SP:

then it looks like this:

here are my nm baking settings:

in Max my models are splitter in different parts using the suffixes mentioned in the settings above so I decided to choose the options above.

And finally here is what i get out of it:

I guess you guys all can see what's wrong ^^... wheels are edgy, bottom part of the barrel looks wavy, ...and so on...

I didn't put any details in the highpoly its just a lot smoother. I wanted to add some scratches in SP here and there but nothing too crazy. Moreover I need to say that i am a beginner in all these tools. 

I am just wondering whether it is my unwrap, my highpoly, my export/ import settings or maybe my lowpoly just isn't round enough..

Well that was a massive nutshell... BUT any help would be greatly appreciated!!! Thank you for reading!



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