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Hey Polycounters, 

This has been up for a couple of month and people seem happy with it and now its summer sale, so I thought I'd make this more public and share it with you. 

I've been here for quite some time now and usually post in the WIP forum, cause I do mostly assets, like weapons. And I finally wanted to be able to use them and not just have them lying around stiff and beautiful. So I managed to teach myself with the help of youtube tutorials and the great discord community some UE4 blueprinting. 

I came up with the FPS System. It's a set of blueprints that allow for a play-style that I think is quite comparable to modern shooters. Yes, it is not quite as advanced, but I wanted to get the basics down, cause often times, I found that other systems aren't as smooth and reliable. 

At the same time, I tried to make this as user friendly as possible so replacing the weapons and animations should be as easy as going to the Child_BP and switching files. So, this means that you don't need to have any experience with blueprinting. It's essentially Plug-n-Play. Please keep in mind that this is based on a custom rig (which you can get here) so mixamo animations won't perfectly work with it. Therefore, you can either create your own animations with this rig or use the UE4 rig (retargeting isn't perfect, later down the road, I will switch back to the basic UE4 mannequin). 

Because some people wanted just the blueprint and others just the weapons / animations, I split the project into 2 downloads, hence the two marketplace entries: 

Demonstration Video

Showcase Video: 

Tutorial Video: 

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