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Hey guys, I've recently started a new personal project during my studies of Environment Art for games, and would love to share some of the Work-In-Progress with you guys!
First of all, I've asked permission for Danar Worya to make my version of one of his concept arts, the Cemetery one!
Below, I'm going to be posting the concepts to make clear what I want to achieve.

(Main Concept) - Credit: Danar Worya (on artstation: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/5JR6w)

(Secondary Concept) - Credit: Danar Worya (on artstation: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/5JR6w)

My primary goal is to create my version of the Main Concept, while using the Secondary Concept as a backup, helping me decide things about lightning and mood.
If you like this awesome arts, like I do, check out Danar's full Portfolio, he is an awesome artist: https://www.artstation.com/danarworya
I've already made a TO DO list on Trello, and am right kow working on some of the assets for the scene!

So this is it for the main post, see you guys on the real WIP post!


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    Hey guys, here is the first Update. I was able to play around with Quixel Mixer today, and using the Megascans Surfaces, I've created two materials that I'm going to be using in my Landscape Blend, the Screenshots are below:

    Snow Ground Material

    Winter Forest Ground

    The next step is creating some other materials, but this time with Substance Designer, where I can expose some parameter and make some fun stuff to mess with on Unreal.
    After that, I pretend to make the polish the scene blockout, make a first good setup of light, and start praparing myself to jump into modeling does assets!
    Feedback is always welcome, cheers!
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    Hey Guys, back for another update!

    So, I`ve finished the materials that I will use in my natural Landscape Blend.
    This two materials that I will be showcasing below were done on Substance Designer, and even considering that I already had a snow material done on Quixel Mixer (The one you that you see on the post above), I wanted to make sure that the snow will look as I want on
    the engine, and given the fact snow haves a lot of variation in real life (due to the fact that is a material very exposed to natural and man change), I made more two variation, to create that nice blend on the UE Landscape!

    (Smooth Snow for base)

    (Rougher Snow material for Blending)

    Now, I pretend to send this materials to Unreal Engine (finally!), and start working on the Landscape Shaders, creating the proper blends.
    I have one more material in mind, this been a type of old brick/cobblestone floor, like the one seen in below the Knight on the Main Reference Concept Art ( By Danar Worya). But I pretend to setup the shaders, and mess around a bit with the landscape and camera for the render, before thinking on this material!

    Like always, feedback and commentaries are always welcome!


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    Hey Guys, quick update here, because today I have nothing fancy to show.
    I've created the master material on unreal, for the Landscape blend. I'll be creating another master material soon, but I'm not even going to show it here, because it's just a copy of this MM, but with less features, therefore, simpler!

    The material been showcased at the MM Template above is the Snow Rough, that you can see in my post above!

    Like always, feedback and comments are welcome,

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    Solid start, keep going!
  • WilliamB_Art
    Solid start, keep going!
    Thanks man, more updates soon!

  • WilliamB_Art
    Hey guys, I'm back for another update.

    So, I've fineshed the Landscape Master Material some time ago, and I've decided that it was best if I had the rock floor material ready before painting the actual landscape. Because of that, I took a pause on unreal and went back to Designer.
    Now that I have finished it, I will be able to paint the landscape for real (besides the blockout, that I pretend on showing here soon), and to finally start to sculp some models! (But, before that, I have to solve some problems that showed up on the Landscape MM).
    The screenshots of the day:

    Rock Floor Material (I didn't put too much detail on this one, due to the fact that the detail will be almost invisible at the scene)

    Landscape Blend Material.

    Like always, feedback and comments are welcome,


  • WilliamB_Art
    So guys, quick update.

    Due to some work I will have to do on the next couple of months, I will be pausing this project for now. But I will still post here some things I've done in the past week!
    I hope to come back and finish it sometime, really learned very much in this last weeks studying!

    Hope everyone understands.

    Like always, feedback and comments are welcome!

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