Humanoid Mecha

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MACHIN3 interpolator

Thanks Eric for pulling this post out from the "What are you working on" thead. I'm honored to have this  featured as a banner! Much appreciated.

Here's some info on the piece:

This started out as a study of Bruno Gauthier Leblanc's 'Humanoid Mecha', see

While working on this, I got frustrated that it was unnecessarily hard to turn a block mesh into a more refined mesh. When you approximate a bevel with a chamfer or a low res bevel, you can't just increase its resolution later on. On the other hand, if you use a high res bevel early on, you are committing to it, making adjustments at a later time hard or impossible.

This then led me to developing the MESHmachine addon for blender.

All the materials(other than the decals) are textured via box mapping. Nothing is UVed. Rendered in Cycles.

For the curious, MESHmachine can be seen here: I should probably get a thread going here on polycount as well. It's been 1.5months since release and 12 updates later, it has evolved quite a bit.


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