POTEMKIN Guilty Gear [WIP]

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RyanA null
Hey Guys! Technically my first post here; Name's Ryan!

I'm currently working on Potemkin from Guilty Gear w/ several mixes on the old concept + new.  Im currently going to Think Tank Training Centre this June; but I wanted to get a head start on a project just to get warmed up.

I'm taking reference from his old concept art; but I'm essentially going to be doing his newer design from XRD

Base Mesh on the Right; Pre-Sculpted on the Left; I smoothed most of the details on the other mesh; because I didn't want it to affect the details I'll be making for him

[Old Potemkin Concept]

[XRD Design]

I'll be updating this post as I go along w/ this project
I'd love to receive critiques/advice on the stuff I have at the moment, but other than that; It's nice to meet ya all! :D

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