[FIRST MODEL] Stealth Infiltrator

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0d1n null
Hi there. Odin here. 
I'm learning to create 3D characters and having a go at the workflow. First time using the software packages so want to share my journey so far(long month of trying to figure out menus lol). If you have any tips and tricks, feel free to share and critiques are always welcome.

Started modeling in maya

moved to sculpting in zbrush

still learning things like tools and proportions 

since i have no set concept and am instead working to learn the software, i keep adding or subtracting parts based on what new tool i learn


  • Skinner3D
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    Skinner3D polygon
    Thought the title said Sith Infiltrator and I got excited. :D Even just learning the tools can benefit from having reference. Gives you something to figure out how you could replicate using the tools
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