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Forge_Carstens triangle
Hey ladies and gents, I could use some crit on my portfolio as it is at the moment: https://www.artstation.com/paulcarstens Any help would be appreciated.


  • Prutsirs_JayJay
    I don't know how others would look at this, or if it matters for people looking to hire you- but the compensation of the portfolio page is a bit messy (I'm very well aware that mine is even messier)
    Sort them by color tones, I think that'd look very pleasing to the eye.

    I would also advice to have more environment work and less character props.
  • Alemja
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    Alemja polycounter
    Hey Paul you have some decent stuff and I think I might have some tips that can help you better present yourself:

    • You list yourself as an Environment Artist by your first piece is a character, you should either move it to the end of your portfolio or remove it. It's not terrible per-say but you clearly have more of an environment focus and the character muddies that waters.
    • I would sort your pieces from strongest to weakest, not by most recent. If you lead with one of your more complete environments and then have your smaller props and substances later it will better present your work.
    I would remove the following pieces:
    • Pirate game assets - this is your weakest hand painted work, AO is very heavily painted in making the model look muddy
    • Explorer's Only ( Globe and butterfly jar) I think On their own these pieces aren't interesting enough to stand out. If you choose to put them in a simple diorama that tells a story, they can stay.
    • The brick work in the Substance entry may need to be reworked or removed. They feel very flat and since bricks are a fairly standard thing that you see a lot of good entries for, it sticks out. The chain-mail is fine, but it would be more interesting to see it used on something that isn't a sphere.

    I would try sorting them as follows:

    • Viking Raider Camp, Blacksmith's shop, Ancient Civilization's piece - you can choose your ordering as I feel that they are fairly equal, but they should definitely be displayed first
    • Props: Tolkien, Magic Book, Practice Dummy, Humble Warhammer - I suggest this ordering as it goes from most to least interesting (in my view) and keeps the hand painted stuff together. Plus since I notice you are very interested in Tolkien inspired stuff I think it's important to lead with that as you're obviously passionate about it.
    • Substance work is last

    I hope this helps!
  • Forge_Carstens
    Thanks guys, some pretty useful feedback. I'll definitely take into consideration :)
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