[WIP] Motorcycle Buell Ulysses XB12X Modeling HighPoly Model for Production

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Hi 3DModelers!

This is my first post in this forum of 3D, so I will upload some work in progress images for a long time.
In that case, I am going to model a high poly motorcycle for films, publicising, and so on. Thus, that modeling example is a clear exercise to improve my hard surface modeling skills. So, what do you think about the topology of the different parts of my Buell motorcycle?

1_Research of a lot of references

The first step was to research a huge amount of references about my asset. Some images were a general view of motorcycle in order to study the main proportions of the model. Then, I researched some specific images about each piece I had to model such as the engine, rim, bolts, and so on. In addition, I watched some videos of this motorcycle.

2_Modeling of wheel's pieces

At first, I began with the front part. This part had the difficulty of the complex connections between pieces and to understand its function in the motorcycle to turn the wheel. Thus, I had to sketch some manual blueprints before I begin to model each piece of wheel. So, I am going to show you what I have already modeled about front part and its topology. 

This is a general view from front view

This is a general view from back view

2.1_Brake caliper

2.2_Disc brake


Some details of the Buell's rim

2.4_Piece of connection between rim and shock absorver

2.5_Bolts and nuts


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    Today, I have had some time to model the tire. The tecnique I used to model it was to create the main module in low version, then I beveled its hard edges, and I repeated it 32 times to generate the straigh version of the tire at the end. Finally, I applied a Bend deformer to generate the curved version. On the other hand, I tried to model with a topology as clean as possible by following the main grooves of the tire.

    This is the base module I repeated to generate the straigh version 
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    Hi 3DModelers,

    In this time, I come back with other piece of motorcycle 

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    Hi 3DModelers

    I have been modeling the fender part of Buell motorcycle for this weekend. This part is divided in two main pieces that they are connected by means of some bolts and nuts. The fender protects from mud to the tire and shock absorver. For that reason, each peace adquires the likeness form from the piece that it protects.

    This image shows the whole fender in perspective and ortographic views

    - Top piece. I began with this piece because as its simple form.  This part protects the top of the tire, so it is like a shell. At first, I began with a cylinder of 104 sides to define the area of the top piece that it had 18 sides. The most important thing I had to know was that this piece was not symmetrical because it had a little hole in the right border where a pipe should go through. 

    The inner part was modeled in order to define a thickness. Also, the edges were beveled to sharp them. Thus, this round shaped piece had two side flaps with a hole each one in order to connect the two side pieces by means of bolts and nuts. Finally, I applied a soften edge in all piece to not subdivide and not rise the geometry.

    This image shows the top piece as a shell of tire

    - Side pieces. I continued with the side pieces after I had modeled the base of top piece.  On the one hand, this part protects the front cylindrical shock absorver; and on the other hand, this complex piece is connected to top piece’s flaps by two “arms” with two holes at the end. The main form is based on two planes merged with a round edge, and two “arms” connected to top piece. They define a characteristic round central hole, so I decided to create a main loop to define the curved shape in the borders. Then, I filled the inner area manually. 

    Also, I modeled the inner part because you can see it from back view.  The topology of this inner part was the same of the outer part. I beveled the hard edges with two segments after I had created the main shape. Also, the holes of arms had some loops at surround.  I decided to used circles with 16 sides in order to curve more these holes. In addition, I used Booleans to create the holes in the cylindrical part. 

    This image shows the side piece

    The fender is the last piece in the whole wheel. So, I will continue possibly with the connectors between the chassis and shock absorver.

    The pieces I have modeled in the front wheel part so far 

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    2.8_Upper/Lower triple clamp tree

    Hi 3DModelers,

    This week I have not had much time to model this whole piece, but I have only modeled the block-in version of that. In that image I show you the reference of that piece where you can see a lot of details, holes, and so on. This block-in will be the base to create the complex shape of this piece and its beveled edges.

    Reference of a real piece

    Block-In of upper triple clamp tree

    Then I had created the block-in of that piece, I began to connect them. I recognize that the topology can be a little bit strange because as some triads and n-gons. In some places I put n-gons of 5 sides because I would subdivide it then. I avoided that there were not neither pinch nor distortion. For that reason, I avoided polygons with more than 5 sides. As you can see, this piece is formed by different complex little pieces they intersected with the main part, and this topology is different to resolve this piece.

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    Coming along nicely thus far and I like your detailed workflow dev log which add's I think further info not always apparent with images alone, so I'll definitly follow along as you progress.

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