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thomasp polycounter
i seem to have introduced a problem when editing my zbrush configuration and standard-brush (simply toggled off 'dynamic' and oversaved the preset): the standard brush now behaves in a strange manner after the application has finished loading and i can see that in the brush palette some settings are indeed unusual and definitely not something i consciously would have set.

if i manually load in the actual brush preset standard.zbp then it works as expected but a) has to be loaded in by me, b) selected via GUI and c) using the hotkey for 'standard' switches back to the same unwanted behaviour.

- there's only one standard.zbp on my system and if i move that file out of its path before starting Z it will hang on startup so i'm pretty sure i'm looking at the right brush definition file
- my brush hotkey for 'standard' calls BRUSH:STANDARD:115 across several installs and i have never touched that setting. what does the number stand for?
- i've re-saved my interface configuration with 'standard' brush selected and the correct values entered in the brush palette and stored that as the default config - changes nothing
- there's nothing in the custom startup script that sets brush parameters
- the startupdocument.zbr file does not seem to store any brush parameters either

side note - when i view brushes in the brush palette, there's a unique number shown right next to each brush name that seems consistent across application restarts - and after loading in the standard.zbp it shows up as two different entries so it seems to keep the broken-ness around somehow in a brush-profile

any idea what to do other than trashing the custom configuration?


  • thomasp
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    thomasp polycounter
    couldn't get rid of this damn behaviour no matter what, not even a configuration reset did the trick - so i finally had to work around it:

    - create a direct copy of standard.zbp under a different name and put it into my interface, replacing the default
    - simply reassigning the hotkey for standard did not stick across app restarts even though the program let me do it. still reverted to the original brush with the bad settings...!
    - so i had to shift the hotkey to the new brush but also assign a new one to the f*cked one to make the change permanent

    sidenote - which location does zbrush even read its defaults from these days? i have stuff in my zstartup directory and then there's a temp folder somewhere in a different location where it also keeps the quicksaves - and lastly yet another folder under public (win 7). all containing files (apparently cached copies) for configuration and hotkeys.

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