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I'd really appreciate any feedback on my current portfolio. Been applying for a few internships/Junior artist roles with no luck and none of the companies will give any feedback. I understand my main environment, the roman one, is lacking, and I am currently starting a new environment, so i'm mainly looking for feedback on the props, textures and overall layout accessibility of the portfolio.  Although feel free to give more feedback on the Roman one too! 

Thanks in advance! :) 



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    Your props look good although that cannon could do with some material variety and the stockade could do with another texture pass. Your tileable materials are pretty good too, but it truly is your environment that is lacking. For the environment, it seems like in design proportions you were going for a stylised art style, but your overall wrap up was hyper realism... but that's still okay- I think your biggest issue with the environment is that its too bland. You need a hero prop in there to sell it. Throw in a nice prop like a bust in the centre and redo your lighting and you could have something solid on your hands.

    Also, your portfolio seems to be leaning heavily towards stylised medieval rpg games. I hope you've been applying to places that make these kind of games because using this to apply at 343 (for example) really won't work. I would recommend you do a modern or scifi environment for your next portfolio piece to show that you can be flexible and ready to do any kind of work to get into the industry (Believe me studios like to see flexibility).

    Don't feel too bad about the silence and lack of feedback from studios. I had to go through months of that too and I found out later it basically means good, but not good enough. Studios get 100s of portfolios and they really don't respond to any, but the best. Keep working hard to stand out and I promise you this will change. Good luck!
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    Thanks for the feedback! 

    Yeah, the main company I applied for is Creative Assembly. I kind of aimed the portfolio towards them with the medieval stuff, but did not get the internship I applied for. I'm definitely going to be making a more modern/realistic scene next with more of a focus on realism rather than a stylized approach, and hopefully it'll appeal to a wider range of companies. 

    At the moment I'm just struggling to settle on an idea for an environment, I keep starting different scenes and changing my mind after a few days or so. 

    And i'll keep in mind the comments on the prop textures! 

    Thanks again
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