Rate m-y 2018 student Environment portfolio !!!!!

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Droswing vertex

Hello everyone i'm a 3d environment artist student and i have made my portfolio, i need some feedback and critique about my work so thanks you to take the time to help me :)

Please launch the youtube video to see the realtime render

Please launch the youtube video to see the realtime render

Thanks you for your help don't be affraid to critic me



  • TheLittleJay
    If you want to be an environment artist then your portfolio should focus on full environments, not just props, so I'd get rid of the miscellaneous props or build a scene for them. 

    Your Diablo scene looked quite cool and you've got some nice stylised stuff, so I'm going to assume that's what you are most interested in. So maybe you should focus your portfolio around this stylised work as opposed to have both stylised and realistic. 

    I would also ditch the videos for your last 2 pieces in favour of more high-quality images like you Diablo scene. The slow, jittery video does nothing to help sell the work. 
  • ZacD
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    ZacD interpolator
    1. Focus on either stylized/handpainted or realistic.

    2. Scrap most of it and try to create 3 high quality finished scenes, you can highlight hero assets/props for the scenes, but most props don't need a separate image. 

    3. Even if you decide to focus on stylized or hand painted environments, try to do at least one of the projects using PBR, like Overwatch or Sea of Thieves.

    4. The environments could really use some points of interest or visual story telling. 

  • quakeshock
    The floor tiles for example have repeating patterns. That's not acceptable, in an isometric game, especially. I would also make rounder edges instead of 90 degree hard edges in pillars (in the diablo pieces) and such since those look infinitely better. It also looks like you didn't cherry pick your very best which is rule #1 when building a folio.
  • BoonS
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    BoonS polycounter lvl 2
    For future reference, if you're going for realistic work I'd advise taking better advantage of PBR materials/software. Consider how secondary materials interact with the edges of a object, what direction it should be on an object, and etc. that will help tell mini-narratives within a prop and accentuate its features. I imagine Substance has a lot of automatic features that could make his easy.

    and if you're going for stylized, consider learning how to combine sculpting/highpoly models into your handpainted assets. Either by baking normals or using the sculpt as a reference for topology and baked shading, it'll give you an extra advantage in finding work. Good luck.
  • Droswing
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    Droswing vertex
    thanks you guys your help are very appreciated B) B)
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