Learn from the Industry’s Best! Registration is now open at CG Master Academy.

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Learn from the Industry’s Best! Registration is open at CG Master Academy.

Registration for CG Master Academy’s Summer term opens May 14th.  With the new CGMA site redesign, it’s easier than ever to find a course to help you develop your skills in the areas you need. Potential students can design their own certified program from a selection of relevant courses, rather than follow a roundabout generalized route through a traditional 4-year plan.

As the leading provider of online mentored digital arts education, CGMA has identified a major problem facing the industry. There is a huge demand for artists with defined, honed skills, while traditional art academies keep churning out generalists. In an industry that is made up of expert specialists, your work must be the cream of the crop to command the attention of recruiters. Through their invaluable knowledge-sharing platform where digital art masters come together with students all over the world, noticeable improvement in your work is achievable.

Their large but notable roster of hand-selected instructors and master classes give you the opportunity to develop targeted skills that the industry needs. CGMA believes this is the real value to their students who sign up for a course or program.

They’re always working to find ways to improve upon their products and deliver the best arts education at a competitive price. CGMA is here to get you on the ladder to becoming an expert in your field. See below for the full list of programs available for registration today, and don't forget that we do have payment plans available.

2D DESIGN: Anatomy, Foundation and Design, and Character & Environment Design

3D ARTS: 3D Character & Environment Design, Prop Modeling, and Texturing

VFX: Compositing/Lighting, Houdini/FX, Rigging, and Matte Painting

GAME DESIGN: Game Development, Character Arts, Environment Arts  

Software Training: ZBrush, Maya, Substance, Unity, Houdini

Should anyone have any questions or concerns about registration or employer-sponsored education (including how to get a portfolio review for course placement purposes), get connected with Admissions by phone at 1-800-959-0316 or email [email protected]asteracademy.com.


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