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Hello friends and Polycounters! 

I'm currently working on a project where I am using Substance Designer + Painter and Maya + Arnold. Things have been going smoothly thus far, but I've been having some issues trying to get PBR materials to look right in Maya. Specifically I've been having issues with Roughness and Height/Normals. I've been trying to get it so that when I export textures from Substance tools, I can simply just bring them in and render them in Arnold without too much deviation from what they look like in Substance. I know it's probably impossible to get a perfect 1:1 result since they are different renders, but I wanted to reach out and ask if anyone has any tips on getting these Roughness, Height, and Normal maps into Arnold while looking as close as possible to the Substance Renderer. 

I'm mainly having issues with normals coming off strong or looking overly different in Arnold(They are exported as OpenGL)  as well as Roughness looking quite a bit off when rendered in Arnold. (Stuff with low roughness will look way too shiny.) 

I've seen this amazing guide here: https://www.allegorithmic.com/blog/substance-painter-arnold-ultimate-guide-olivier-couston but since I'm using the 2018 version of Maya/Arnold, it's been hard to follow along. The 2018 versions Maya and Arnold are now fully supporting PBR Workflows + Linear lighting systems, so alot of the stuff you would normally do in this guide, you don't actually have to do anymore. (like gamma nodes and such.) 

Is it possible this could be a lighting issue? When working with Substance Painter I noticed I can't use actual lights and that I have to stick with their cubemaps. In Arnold we aren't using any cubemaps, it's mainly actual lights. Using the guide Above I've done a test where I've gotten stuff to look pretty close to 1:1 but that's when both Substance and Arnold are using the same cubemaps.

Also, in Substance I'm not using the I-Ray renderer much, mainly do to perfomance issues and slowdowns. I've used it earlier, but I still had the same issues. Roughness and Normals just look way too off. (the render test I did above being the only exception.) 

Hope I'm not missing something major here. Thanks guys! 

UPDATE: Wow, I might have solved my own issue. So one mistake I've been doing, is making changes to height and roughness info based on test renders made in Arnold. I noticed that a test render with low settings is WAY different when compared to a more final render. So I could just be looking at bad renders here. The Final Renders look much more close to the original maps created in Substance.  .....ughhh I'm way to use to realtime renderers. xP
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