[WIP] Unity/Houdini interactive experience : Flowmap City

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Hello everyone ! It's been a long time since I have posted on this forum, but i wanted to share my current project, and get some feedback and critic as I'm building it. Beware that I like GIF so this thread will be quite gif heavy :smiley:

Latest update : 


The goal of this project is to  make an interactive 3d experience, that will be played on PC, and if I can achieve good performance, playable in browser. The concept is pretty simple : You will be able to spawn some kind of energy (represented by particles) and follow their movement to find hidden objects in the scene.

Here is a quick and dirty concept I did for this environment, as you can see this will be in a form of a small city diorama : 

My main references is the city of Dinan in france, I really like the blend of an old medieval city, with a lot of "modern" stuff on top ( wires, camera, electric boxes,...)

Here you can see a bunch of references I gathered :

Unfortunately I'm starting this thread while the project as already started, but I still have some picture to post. (you can see everything from the beginning on a twitter thread I made)

The first blockout of the scene, with a quick lighting in Unity. 

from here I started modeling some of the elements and props.

And finally the last upate, with a bit more update on the props, trying to find some lighting mood ( in marmoset for quicker iteration).

Please note this project is not only about creating a 3d environment, there is a big part i'm working with Houdini : I'm using houdini to generate data to drive some particles around the surface of the environment. 

(posting a twitter post here, because I don't have the original gif anymore :s )

the movement of the particle is driven by flowmap made from Houdini data using Space colonization. Here is how the data looks in houdini before being baked onto a flowmap (mapped on the lightmap uv of the environment) 

I hope you guys will find seeing the process of this project interesting,. If you want to see more detail about certain , I'll try to make more screenshot and breakdown


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