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StartCraft Remastered Protoss rework

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MakotoKacun polycounter lvl 4
Just want to share some of the stuff i did for starcraft remastered. I was a very fund project and i learn a lot from blizzard. I mostly do a lot of protoss stuff and here are the stuff that is completed by me. After the unit and building is completed i move on to the tile set and doodads. I mostly incharge of the engine. Check if there any seam when imported into the game. Well this is a wonderful journey for me, learn a lot during this project.

Xel Temple

Comparison to SD 

Comparison to SD 


Comparison to SD 

Shield Battery

Comparison to SD 

Photon Cannon

Comparison to SD 

Comparison to SD 

Gas Orb

Comparison to SD 

Protoss Rubble

Comparison to SD 

My name on the Credit List. Feel so good to help out with this project. :)


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