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[Retrogasm 2018] Sarevok (Baldur's Gate)

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Hey guys, so I decided to participate to the Retrogasm challenge with Sarevok from Baldur's gate. I thought it would be a good idea to create a topic here to keep track of my progress as the challenge is held on Facebook where posts just disappear into oblivion. Here's the few WIP shots I already have with some comments.

WIP 01 : Sarevok's basic proportions. I first assembled with spheres and cylinders a base body with the kind of proportions I wanted for Sarevok, tall , muscular and a bit stylized.

WIP 02 : Before doing any concept I did a test sculpt of Sarevok's helm to find what kind of artstyle I wanted to go for the armor.

WIP 03 : Now was time to draw the concept art to give me some direction before getting into modeling. I like to block out the big shapes in 3D and then paint over them in photoshop.

WIP 04 : Now that the concept is defined all that is to do is a first pass of the whole armor. Here are the gauntlets.

WIP 05 : First pass on the torso and shoulders

That's it for now. I'll keep updating this thread with my next WIPs.


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