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I am new to this community and would like to say hi and get your thoughts on a project I am currently working on through CGMA.

I am brand new to environment arts for games and would like to get as much critical feedback as possible as I work through the process and garner any tips & tricks along the way. 

So I will run through my process so far and if you have the time to comment, I would greatly appreciate it.

The brief is to create a simple Diorama of a ruined gate with some foliage / trees. The course is 10 weeks and I wanted to make sure I came up with something that would be manageable within that time-frame for a noobie :)

I played around with other ideas like a abandoned gas station, Japanese storefront, a giant severed robot foot and some other concepts but thought I would stick to the brief to get the most out of the course and push myself in quality not quantity.

Here are some sketches I put together for the project to get a feel for what I wanted to create. 
Please note, I don't paint so this is a first for me.

Chosen route. Sacred tree surrounded by Obelisks and ruined gateway

First pass at block done in Modo

Some material test for course assignment. First shot at Substance Designer / Marmoset. Left image is my creation while the one on the right is a walk-through by Daniel Thiger ( He has mad skills) mines not as good haha.

Second pass of block with some various compositions, basic lighting, paint-over and photo-bash to get a general look and feel.

What I want to achieve is Photoreal game quality assets / composition. I would like to make all stone structures feel hewn / carved from the surrounding rock rather than built brick-by-brick and contrasting with the black (dead-like) stone and a bright vibrant tree as a shrine.

Any thoughts are welcome. I am here to learn so give me the critique even if its harsh :)

Really appreciate it and thanks,


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