[WIP] Mercer Street - SoHo, Manhattan

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Something I've been working on for a while now in my spare time. Still want to add some things, but would like to get this out there for some feedback now. Please let me know of any thoughts on anything. It's based on the real life Mercer Street in NY, though there aren't any vacant lots on it that I know of. It's one of the busier retail districts in Manhattan, but Mercer St preserved a lot of old stuff: architecture, lamps, cobblestone, etc. I made the lamp first, a while back, and decided the make this scene around it.

Things I'm aware of, and am working on now:
-Adding a car to the right side of the scene, with either the front or rear end peeking out from the brick wall on the right
-Adding more decoration to the sidewalks and street: hydrant, garbage can, manhole cover, drains, etc
-Adding lots of clutter: trash, pebbles, etc
-Adding blinds and interiors to the buildings. Also lighting them better.
-Adding something to the concrete wall on the left, above the couch. Not sure what yet.
-Adding more atmosphere. Would like it to be a misty night with some water particles in the air. Tips on that would be appreciated.
-Refining the lighting overall.
-Refining terrain textures/blends

Will post more process screens or reference shots if anyone's interested.

Thanks for looking.


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