Toolbag 3.04 Available Now! Baker additions, Viewer animation, improved shadows and much more!

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We’re thrilled to announce the release of Marmoset Toolbag 3.04, a free update for all Toolbag 3 users. 3.04 brings a number of exciting new features and enhancements to both Toolbag and Viewer. New baker outputs and workflow improvements, animation support for Viewer, and improved shadows headline the release.

Click the button below to download the 3.04 installer from the Toolbag product page. Existing users may update by launching Toolbag 3 and clicking on the auto-update prompt. Wi’ve reset all trials, so download the installer and give Toolbag a go with a fresh 30-day trial period. See the full change log on the Toolbag History section.

Baker Updates 

We’ve added a bunch of new map types to meet our user’s varied needs. Now you can bake thickness, bent normals, lighting and much more! The interface has been updated with a focus on functionality with texture set support, a map configurator and other handy features that will streamline your workflow. 

Viewer Animations & Standalone App 

Viewer has been revamped with animation support, volumetric fog, refraction and more! We've released a free, standalone desktop Viewer app to make it easier to view files locally and send to clients or teammates for review. The Viewer application is included with the Toolbag 3.04 installer. It can be downloaded independently as well and works on Mac and Windows.

New & Improved Shadows

Directional lights now have the option to use cascaded shadow maps, which prioritize shadow detail for areas near to the camera. If you’re looking for less pixelation with omnis and spots, a new ludicrous shadow resolution option can be found in the render settings.

Volumetric Fog

Add atmosphere to your scene with our updated fog effect. Direct lights now cast shadows through fog, creating a volumetric effect that adds depth and realism to your renders.

Toolbag Hotkey Guide! 

We've published a complete list of hotkeys for Toolbag 3. Check it out! 


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