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Invis Riki

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ylimani polycounter lvl 9
Found out pretty late about this project, nevertheless i am working on something will post here soon. 


  • ylimani
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    ylimani polycounter lvl 9
    So i had this idea a long time ago, but i never quite finished it or displayed anywhere else, so this contest is the perfect opportunity for me to display this and enter if it's not to late :D

    So my idea is a simple toy of Riki (check hero Riki - Rikimaru) made out of frosted plastic so he could be semi transparent since one of his abilities in the Dota Universe is that he can passively  turn invisible in the game.

    So i started with the simple model of riki

    than exported it to Zbrush to refine it, detached some parts of the model to further edit them

    I made the tail smaller so the figurine would be somewhat balanced, and also better and easier for the print

    fixed the fauld (armor) too so it would have more thickness and be attached merged with the body

    changed the sword handle so it would touch the hand, and also filled the cavities in the hands, shoulder pads and gountlets  with more geometry so it would be easier to print

    I had to fix also the hollow space on the mouth area, fixed and did a small a bit of modeling on the tail and in the legs part

    I thought that the model was done and ready so i decimated it to around 250.000 polys

    And here are some renders that i have made

    and the link to the shop -  http://shpws.me/Qdju, i hope you guys like it and thank you for the contest and good luck to everyone.

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