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Resistance Malzahar [WIP]

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<b><span class="post-color-gray">Resistance Malzahar will be a brand new addition to the Battlecast universe, he will be augmented with an arm capable of hacking into the machines, the arm is a reverse engineered version of the one used by Illaoi.<br></span></b><b><span class="post-color-gray">He travels around with a jetpack and plays the role of one of the key members of the resistance.</span></b>


  • Passive: The spell shield will be colored red, with a digital feel to it 
  • Q: Malzahar uses an EMP to disable his enemies, colored red
  • W: Spawn swarms of hijacked machines to battle on his side, when he casts the spell his arm will shine red, signaling that it has activated, upon death the voidlings explode. (Voidlings Featured in art)
  • E: Malzahars malefic visions are now replaced with electrocution, also colored red, if the duration is refreshed it will be indicated by a small electrical burst on the target, akin to BC Vel'Koz's effect that appears when he hits 3 stacks of his passive.
  • R: Malzahar shoots out a laser beam from his eye patch, looking similar to the one we seen in BC Vel'Koz's ult.

    <span class="post-color-red">Most skills will be displayed in other pictures in the future, this is still a work in progress.</span>

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