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Dota2 Contest Sculpture Thanatos- Zoi

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I am entering the contest with a new charater out of my imagination for Dota 2, a character I would personally enjoy to play. I thought it would be more interesting to create something new instead of using an existing model. Even though I am a rookie when it comes to designing in a virtual space I very much hope you like it.

Character description:

Thanatos- Zoi, seen by some as a Priest, by others as Demon, divided between Death and Life, he is part of a Folk that lives in the shadows, a spiritual being away from civilisation. He is strongly connected to nature and understands the cruelty of life and unstoppable force of death. His race has transformed this believe into a fighting art, as a hybrid between healer and rouge, he can give life and take it with a swing of his fast swords and daggers. His kind does not speak unnecessary but will be present if needed. His Kindness and peaceful nature can turn into a berserk state to support or fight what is worth fighting for.

Below you can find my progress and final character.

Thank you!

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