[WIP] Firekeeper Zelda - Retrogasm Art Competition

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GravityBwlast greentooth
Hi guys,

I'm posting here my progress on my Retrogasm Art Competition entry.
Basically I'm taking Zelda from Twilight Princess and slightly redesign her with a firekeeper (Dark Souls) mood.
Here are the first concepts and WIPs:

Early blocking:

I'm doing paintovers on the sculpt shots all along so I can modify faster and try detailing quickly to see where I'm going. On the right is also a quick setup in Toolbag 3 to test the mood with the bonfire lighting.

In terms of design I try to think about what could make Zelda something that still obviously looks like her, but at the same time enhances the emotion and mood of melancholia, sadness that are part of Dark Souls lore. Things like making her with closed eyes would imply that she's not waiting for Link to come back as he's dead, rather than open eyes looking at the fire would imply she's waiting for his return. 
Sculpt current state:

Any feedback appreciated,
Cheers :) 


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