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Barajoun Entertainment prides itself as Dubai's premier animation facility having released its debut animated feature film, "Bilal: A New Breed of Hero” We are now working on “Mirlo & The Magical Opus” and animated series and short films, developing concepts for new content for the world. We are looking to hire a Senior Production Manager to oversee the growing team.

About the job

The Senior Production Manager is responsible for managing the day-to-day production and crew. Working closely with the Producers, the Senior Production Manager oversees the department schedules and deliverables to ensure the efficient completion of production.

Along with the Producers, the Senior Production Manager has the unique position of overseeing the entire production schedule and being able to balance and prioritize needs across all departments, with the timely and efficient delivery of the film being the ultimate goal.

The Senior Production Manager is a highly influential part of the production team and of the studio. As the part of a film's leadership team, the production manager sets the culture of the production, as well as the culture of the studio. As such, the PM is responsible for projecting leadership, stability, and competence to the crew at large.


• Oversee day-to-day/week-to-week production progress and have a clear picture of the completion of the film at all times
• Ensure milestones and quotas are met and provide course-correction to the schedule as needed
• As departments start up, establish best practices and consistency for optimal operation for the duration of the show
• Prepare and distribute weekly production status reports.
• • Provide daily updates to the Producers & Supervisors as needed
• Ensure communication among department leaders via weekly production meetings and any other meetings deemed necessary
• Track and manage the complexity of the film along with the Producers & Supervisors
• Ensure that all production data and metrics are tracked via the designated asset manager software and can be easily summarized on a daily basis in order to flag problem areas
• Trouble-shoot wherever necessary to ensure timely delivery of sequences; determine, with the Producers, when sequence-based schedules will be modified to meet efficiency or inventory demands
• Oversee production management staff, delegating duties, reinforcing consistency and ensuring follow-through
• Mentor the production coordinators & assistants, increasing their leadership skills, production knowledge and collaboration
• Deliver feedback to direct reports, ensuring excellence is fostered and acknowledged; participate in and support the feedback process for all crew members
•  Work with department managers and leads to determine show-specific training needs and implement a plan
• Insure that all production materials are properly recorded and tracked

• Manage day-to-day staff planning issues, such as overtime and vacation requests

• 5 years minimum industry experience preferably animated feature film
• Bachelor's degree in film / TV production or equivalent


• Strong organization skills
• Must have the ability to prioritize tasks at hand, assisting on all phases production
• Extensive experience in mentorship and guidance of production management staff
• Capable of broad strategic thinking across all CG departments as well as departmental focus
• Successful partnerships with Artistic Leadership
• Clear understanding of the principles of animation production
• Demonstrated success engaging in problem-solving techniques
• Strong communication skills

Send your updated CV and portfolio link at [email protected]

Note: Barajoun Entertainment is an equal opportunity employer. All applicants will receive consideration for employment irrespective of origin, race, religion, color, gender, age, sexual orientation and marital status.

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