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[PAID] 2D Character Concept Designer/Concept Artist

We're in the early stages of game development of a fantasy/scifi styled combat game. We have rough ideas of character concepts and are looking for an artist to develop refined character designs and drawings/paintings.

The project will involve (for now) the design and development of 7 characters, each potentially with sketches and development leading to a final design with turnaround and a hero shot (can discuss this further upon commencement of the job). These 7 can be offered on separate timelines.

We are looking for a high level of polish, and have attached images of the style and quality we're generally aiming for and are willing to negotiate higher rates for exceptional work!

For those interested - please provide (rough) rates for each design (including very rough estimate <as best you can> of rates for each character package <sketches/turnarounds/basic illustration etc>) and a direct link to portfolio.

We will provide a much more detailed brief upon commencement of the job!

Please send correspondence to:

[email protected]


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