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Albert Einstein in Unreal Engine

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Sujesh null
Hi all,

This is a test we did to port the Einstein asset to Unreal Engine. The purpose of this test was to understand and learn Unreal Engine and workflow integration. Unreal Engine is an amazing tool and kudos to Epic for giving this to the community. Sculpted in Zbrush with texturing done in Zbrush and Substance Painter. Skin details was done using texturing.xyz. 
Please do let us know what you think. 


  • FreneticPonies
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    FreneticPonies polycounter lvl 3
    Great face, but I feel like there's a lot wrong with the hair. What kind of material setup are you using? All of Epic's games (cough, the canceled Paragon) use a setup where every other hair pixel is switched off every other frame. When combined with temporal AA this gives a slightly fuzzy, but otherwise much more anti-aliased and thin look.
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