3D Creature Modelling/Game Project Team Looking For Talent!

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Lexi null
What the game is about:

The game is set on another planet, in a very realistic open-world survival (multiplayer) jungle environment. The planet is inhabited by many creatures and plant life that have absorbed radiation from a nearby star making them bio-luminescent. The player has been dropped into this world and must survive. Craft, build, tame, explore, fight, gather and team up with other players to rule this wild planet. 

What is expected:

The game will be made using a combination of Unity, and software such as Zbrush/Blender and Maya. It is going to be high quality, realistic graphics to provide a believable submersion for the player. As if you're actually there, and the life forms real. 

The Team:

So far, this game project is in very early stages. Ideas are still being formulated and worked out, and the team is rather small. We consist of a basic Unity level designer, a concept artist and music composer. However, if you wish to join or are interested in helping, we are looking for open/friendly/dedicated/ and easy-going people who are good at what they do best!

Who and What We are Looking For:

- Skilled Unity/C++ Programmers
- Realistic/Skilled 3D Modelers
- Rigging/Animators
- Model rendering/texturing abilities 

P.S In terms of payment, revenue will be split once the game is completed and successful. It will also be a fantastic learning experience. If you are wanting to know more message me and i will add you on discord.  


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