Substance Designer Tri Planar Node Problem

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Hi guys!
(See the last line for a summary for the whole post)
So I came across SP's tri planar projection and wanted to do the same in SD. I looked it up as to how it works and it doesn't seem to work at all for me. I'm pretty sure I'm doing everything right.

I've UV unwrapped the mesh in blender. (SD changes all of my quads to tris even when I've taken out modifiers or applied them)

I baked the World Space Normals map and the position map and ran it through Tri planar node, added a greyscale checker pattern to the input of the tri planar node along with the two respective required maps and gave it to diffuse to see whether it would be seamless. It wasn't. Haha.

I really was seeing this as a way to avoid UV unwrapping and focusing on a easy way to make my textures seamless. Wanted to focus just on creating textures. Am I looking at this wrong? Am I doing something wrong?

The guy on YT did say to use it with a mask generator, which I did (Metal Edge Wear) and it yielded acceptable results. So, I'm assuming since Metal Edge Wear requires the both the World Space Normals and the Position maps and if they work fine with Metal Edge Wear, I'm doing something wrong with the Tri Planar Node. (LOGIC)

I do think I'm lacking understanding as to how this Tri Planar node works but I've been on the documentation and it's really not helpful. (Same as to why my UV's are triangulated once in SD). Though I do know that it's using three way projection and using some form of dark magic to make everything seamless. 

P.S. I spent a whole day trying different UV layouts and different ways to export my mesh into SD, all to see them not work.

I'm sorry if I'm being vague or just wrote too much, this is getting me so worked up. Haha, please help me out in any way!(DESPERATE FOR KNOWLEDGE!)

So, this is the one line summary of the whole post
Tri-Planar has betrayed me and I don't know how to make it work. Please help.



  • poopipe
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    poopipe greentooth
    Pipe a noise map into the triplanar node and then pipe that into the custom grunge bit of a mask generator.  That will give you a "seamless" grunge. 

    Don't pipe anything that's baked to your UVs into a triplanar node because then it won't match your uvs anymore 

  • WingsWithRender
    Huh, weird that it's working almost perfectly now. 
    I"m still getting some blurriness around my edges but this is such an improvement!
    I'm sure my UV's are having relatively the same texel density, if that is even a thing one should aim for when baking for position and world normals.
    Thanks a lot man.
  • StereoVinny
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    StereoVinny polycounter lvl 3
    Also, make sure you are baking your position map using the BSphere (bounding sphere) method in order to get normalized position values on all axes.
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