Paramount Marauder

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sargisstg vertex

Hi Polycount community! This is my second topic here. I want to share my working progress here. I'm going to take a part of challenge in Humster3D which theme is Post-Apocalyptic Survival Car.

For This challenge I'm going to create Paramount Marauder. You can recognize this military car if you are a fan of Top Gear! :smile:
I think it's a really good survival car  :p Firstly I'm planning high modeling whole marauder after that add some modifications. For modifications I will use references from Mad Max and Death race movies.

In this moment I modeled  20-30% of vehicle. 

Here is references which I collect. Some images print screened from youtube especially from top gear episodes.

 I will later post progresses here. Thank you for patience! :smiley: 
Comments and suggestions are welcome!


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