Morrowind Fan Art - Vivec

Hi all!

I'm going to make a game-ready mesh of the character.

Current stage: searching for references

Vivec from TESO and from Morrowind itself.

various concept arts (Morrowind, Skywind, c0da, TESO)


  • Olingova
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    Olingova polycounter lvl 3
    Will definitely follow you progress i loved Morrowind so much :D :D
  • Moranar
    Thank you Olingova! Maybe something interesting will appear here in the next week, but now I'm trying to solve some technical problems and make the base anatomy mesh.

    And the first problem is a strange proportions of the base mesh from Morrowind:

    It looks nearly normal when looked from above. Maybe they tried to fix a bug of the camera. The catch is that I can't change the position of the joints if I want to make a compatible mesh.

    The second problem is purely technical: my new tablet stops to work almost every twenty minutes. Restarting of  Wacom Consumer Service doesn't help at all, so I have to restart my PC. That's why now I turn from sculpting to retopology. Yes, the base mesh isn't finished, but until I've fixed the tablet. sculpting is really useless for me. 

    Current progress:

    and animated gif:

     So now I need to exact place of the elbows and then make proper arms. Hands and head will be remade from scratch too. Polygonal modelling is slower but more reliable in my case :)
  • Moranar
    update, retopology of the model with shape tweaks

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