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[FINISHED] Vex - Demon Character

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HarlequinWerewolf greentooth
Finally finished! Check it out here: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/nQPDR9

Hello Polycount! I spend so much time lurking here it's about time I actually do some work! I sketched up a character a few weeks ago and actually really liked her so I want to now take this character and turn her into a 3D model. I'm still new to ZBrush so my plan is to build up my sculpt (bear in mind I'm using ZBrushCore so I'm missing loads of tools) and then take the sculpt into 3D Coat which I've never used and retopo, UV and hand paint my character. I want to try making her diffuse only with some nice hand painted textures so I'm hoping to learn as much as I can!

Initial sketch and colour tests

And tonight I started out with blocking in the proportions as best I could using a base mesh I downloaded from Bad King about 2 years ago! 

She's dynameshed and the resolution is SUPER low right now just so I can keep moving stuff around. Still a long way to go but any critique early on with help me out. I'm also live streaming when I can over at twitch.tv/harlequinwerewolf 

My next step is to do a paintover and keep shifting the model around until I'm happy. And then I'm not sure if I should keep her dynameshed and keep building detail and then retopo and project the detail or retopo as soon as and build detail on that :neutral: 


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