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Creating liquid skin in Maya?

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FullShane null
Hi there folks, I'm new to Polycount (and Maya, to be frank) so go easy on me, please. :)

I've been working on a 3D character for a VR game (using Unity) that I'd like to give a surface that has an active, liquid quality to it. The closest thing I could use for reference is the skin on the Searchers from a game called Bendy and the Ink Machine. My attempts so far have been pretty meh. I've been playing around with Maya bitfrost fluids but I don't know what to do to make that liquid adhere to the character mesh and still remain active within a contained area around it (kinda leaking off the model, but not cascading like in my picture). If you have any recommendations that would help me achieve something like this I'd appreciate some pointers.

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