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Hello dear folks from Polycount !

My name is Maxence Burgel, i'm a freelance concept artist since 8 years (already !).
I've worked on a lot of small/medium project for differents games, but i always had one goal: One day, i will work at Blizzard. Dream job.

Most of my experiences as concept artist was about landscape and realistic stuff. Since some years, i'm training my character design skills and more stylized concept because that's what i want to do now: Character, creatures, weapons, and some textures probably. New goal, ton of stuff to learn, exciting times !

I'm a father now, i'm married too and i'm french. So moving to L.A to work at Blizzard will be a big change for our little family, and if possible we want to start this adventure when our son is still really young. So! I'm finally starting to take care of my social networks, and starting to show some personal stuff. In october i want my portfolio ready to apply at Blizzard and in november, i will go to blizzcon, because it look awesome, and to have the opportunity to meet people there.

I came here to get feedback, advices, and a positive vibe !

You can follow my 3D journey right here, on this forum:


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