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Sup guys,

My goal for my portfolio from now on is to tailor my projects towards the studios here in Vancouver. There's some pretty cool studios, and one of the games which I think is quite suited towards my desired art style is Gears of War, from The Coalition. One of the things I looked for in concept art was an environment which wasn't overly complex, as I don't want to spend 6 months creating clutter and junk to fill the scene. I stumbled upon this concept by Adam Baines and it stood out to me as a fun project.

In this scene I'm going to focus on and push my skills in;
- Creating poly count and texture size which is optimized.
- Creating collision for each mesh.
- Material blending (with masks) and projections.
- Matching the GoW art style.
- Indoor lighting.
- I would also like to learn how to create a water material from scratch and a simple dust particle system inside UE4.

As usual, I like to start off with something a bit easy. The colours don't match the concept, and I'm currently deciding on trying to match colours now, or in post processing. The barrel on the right is using one of the concept images as an environment in Substance Painter. I'm still working on the texturing but I think I'm going to get halfway through the texturing for several assets so I can find a groove/theme which I can get into.


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